Every cent, and pesewa, matters

The “Love Donations” project was designed for our Rugby Family to consistently every month raise “small” amounts through their networks.

How does it work?

Administrators, players and supporters can volunteer to take part in raising funds by means of “Love Donations’. These are not raffle tickets or competition tickets. It is basically about a group of people who love Ghana Rugby and who are prepared to consistently every month make a contribution towards the well-being and development of Rugby in Ghana.

“Love Donation” Forms

screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-7-19-47-amThose who want to take part can get a “Love Donation” form from our team, or from their Clubs or Regional Associations.

Each participant will use the form to contact 15 people they know who are prepared to give a small donation (GHS 10 minimum per donation).

Once the form is completed he/she will either pay the money directly into the Ghana Rugby bank account, or deposit it at our Secretariat in Osu, Accra.



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