This is the space for all Ghana Rugby lovers. Here we will chase that impossible dream to take the Ghana Eagles – men, women, boys and girls – to the World Cups, for both sevens and fifteens.


How you can take part to show your love

Be part, take part…

 You will be surprised how enormous your “NETWORK” of people who can make a contribution really is. Find out more here>>>

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 By working your network, every member of the Ghana Rugby can very easily build up a network of at least 15 people who are able and willing to contribute as little as GHS 20 (twenty Ghana cedis) consistently every month – a “Love Contribution” – without expecting anything in return. Find out more here>>>

You are either part, or you are not. Decide now and join us now on this exciting journey.

 Many of our Rugby Family says, “But my friends and family are overseas…” We listened, and there is a solution for you. Join us on our international “generosity” campaigns now.